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Le 4 décembre 2015, 13:24 dans Humeurs 0

I have always been a fan of anything that makes my to-do list easier. So, when I decided to use cloth on the foster children that graced our home, it was a no-brainer to search for the easiest ones to use. I looked at everything and had so many questions (which were always answered by the Bestie and her blog and another cloth diapering friend of mine) about the different kinds of swimming diapers there were, how to use them, what is best for the babies, which ones will be best for any size/age baby that we would get, which ones would last the longest, and which would be the EASIEST on myself. So, my decision was to try a few of each kind.

I have mostly different brands of pockets but there have been two kinds of all-in-one’s that have stayed in the stash until a couple of weeks ago when I was sent the Smart One 3.0 (free for review in color Spicy Tuna & snap closure) made by Smart Bottoms. The Smart One 3.0 is an all-in-one diaper that is made of organic cotton and is one size that will fit babies around 8-35 lbs. Seemed like the ideal addition while I am on my search for my perfect stash. 

The Smart One 3.0 features:

-100% Organic Cotton inner provides a trimmer, more absorbent diaper. 
-Attached diaper insert can be folded to customize where your child needs the most absorbency, a total of 10 layers!
-Design allows for quick dry-time. Most machines will dry in one cycle on warm. 
-Now one size! Four rise settings allow for a perfect fit from 8lbs-35lbs. 
-Wider elastic around the legs decreases chance for red marks. 
-New colors and prints!

This Bamboo diaper is made extremely well & fits both of my little one’s perfectly. It is super trim and there have been no leaks with my lil’ super soaker son. It has a tongue style “insert” that is sewn into the back & all you do is fold it over in the areas that you need it, so NO STUFFING (hence the AIO, yeah, I know). The pul comes down about two inches from the back and about an inch in the front, so no leaks out the top of the front or the back. And, one part that I like the best is that even after an “air dry”, the cotton inner stays so soft! This is one thing that I do not like about some of the other diapers in my stash. You know if you air dry them they get stiff and feel kind of scratchy. Well, NOT these!


Le 2 décembre 2015, 12:27 dans Humeurs 0

I will never, ever judge any of you if you don't use cloth diapers. I totally think you could – but it's your choice. But I will say this "Why oh why is your child not wearing cloth swim diapers!?" They are the easiest things in the world and wonderful options for those ON and not necessarily on a Budget.

And talk about cute?! They save you money – why, if you could simply buy a bathing suit top {like you can buy Women's Suits separate} you'd be able to save even more money, right!?!

All joking aside, cloth swimming diapers are just about the easiest thing that you'll probably encounter in the cloth diapering world. They work exactly like disposable swim diapers, but instead of throwing money a diaper away, you wash it. Best thing? There are no special ways to wash – I simply throw our swim diapers in with my regular laundry and all the other wet bathing suits and towels!

I've seen quite a few cloth swim diapers, but none quite as cute as this one that we were sent {free for review} from i Play. I mean, how can you deny the cuteness of these ruffles and dragonflies? You can't. And there's no way we're covering it up! Especially when there's a matching sun hat!

The i Play Ultimate Swim Diaper is a sized system, meaning you do need to purchase the size that fits your child, according to weight. The good news? Instead of buying a pack of disposable diaper insert, 2 {3 at the most} i Play Swim Diapers would get you through an entire summer of splashing!

And if convenience {you know how disposable swim diapers are on every endcap at stores during the Summer} was one of the reasons you haven't switched yet, you better think of another one! I have seen i Play swim diapers on the shelves of our local Target stores!

Cloth Diapers Making a Comeback

Le 30 novembre 2015, 13:47 dans Humeurs 0

cloth diapers are experiencing a re-surging popularity and the revolution is catching thanks to increasing community resources, enthusiastic cloth diapering families and, more recently, airtime from mainstream news outlets. In fact, America Now News just featured a fantastic segment on baby cloth diaper that discusses the comeback of cloth diapers and why the new, modern version are becoming increasingly attractive to families everywhere. Much of the information for the segment was provided by Jack Be Natural, one of our favorite GroVia retailers. And we were thrilled to see that they chose to feature GroVia diapers several times throughout the show!

The segment explores the different aspects of diaper insert that families consider when deciding between cloth and disposables, including the environmental, health, and cost impacts of each option. The feature is chock full of interesting facts and figures, so check it out to learn more about making the right decision for your family!

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